3 Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Places To Visit in Philippines

3 Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Places To Visit in Philippines

In the Philippines, it is kind of hard decision for which best place to visit first. That is because the country has ample beautiful places. It is the right place to explore different activities with your loved ones in the next holidays no matter it is winter or summer. Plus, it has a lot of natural sighs that visitors can enjoy around the year. Moreover, it has an incredibly astonishing diving spot enriched with biodiversity, colourful public transport, tasty cuisines, tropical beaches and vibrant festivals. The Filipinos’ hospitality itself is a reason to visit the country. It is ranked as the friendliest country in Asia. So why not visit this country and examine some unique spots that astonish you?Beautiful Places To Visit in Philippines

Furthermore, the Philippines is blessed with unique natural wonders that are the best places. Like Puerto Princesa’s underground river which carries great significance to tourists and many other. In this blog, you will be discovering a list of some unique places in the Philippines that encourage you to travel to them. So, take a look below to spend quality time with your friends and family member in the top tourist destination in a hassle-free manner.

1- Chocolate hills

The chocolate hills illustrate its iconic chocolate brown look during the dry months. Thousands of giant hills look like an enormous chocolate heap but resulted from the coral deposits through rain and erosion. Thus during the rainy seasons, the grass of the hill turns into classic green colour, giving them the colour and flavour of mint chocolate. Hence, falling in the stunning sights and activities as it spreads over the vast area. These majestic hills are the tourist spot and hence got their name from their strange yet unique formation and enriched vegetation that turns chocolate brown. Plus you can find more about this through RedDoorz offers code such an amazing platform in helping you to check out more.

2- Banaue Rice terraces

Banaue rice terraces are among the Philippines’ top tourist spots considered the eighth wonder of the contemporary world. Hence, if you are willing to spend time in a place with enticing views then you should add this destination in your list. That is a storeroom of Filipinos crafts and arts. In Philippines, you can discover unique culture while having chats with locals. Moreover you can explore mountains and hillsides for more interesting and memorable holidays.

3- Vigan

Vigan is declared the seventh wonder city of the world. It means it has something very interesting to explore. This city is famous for its well-maintained Spanish colonial town, historic tourist spots and delicious food. It has also retained many beautiful old buildings, streets and large squares in Ilocos sud Luzon island. It is an antique old town that make you feel in walking in the past time. Due to its splendid charm, there is no wonder that it is an apart of UNESCO world heritage sites. So do travel to this unique charming city with a lot of heritage to explore.






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