5 Trending Lucida Laminate Designs for Modern Living Room Interiors

The heart of any house will be the living room. It is important to make sure that it is a place where families can come together and sit down to discuss topics amidst a lovely setup like a well-refurbished guest corner. If this is at the top of your priority list, you can use laminates to spruce up the living area of your home.

Laminates are available in a wide variety of textures, colours, patterns, and so on. They are enough to make your interiors a tad bit extra chic, sophisticated, and elegant. For a modern living room, not every material will be a perfect component. Thus, in order for an interior to look exceptional in its appearance, the components used to revamp the space in its entirety must be both functional and style-oriented.

Thus, lucida laminates are the perfect choice of laminates for living room. Lucida is a popular choice of laminate due to several reasons. One reason will be the virokill technology that protects the interior from bacteria and damage, as well as other features such as the resistance against scuffing and impact. Further, they show impeccable colour fastness and are a top product for its utility as well as affordability. So if you are planning to incorporate Lucida laminates into your living rooms, here are the top designs of Lucida wood veneers you should check out today to amp up the look of your interiors.

  • Grey Ash

This is one of the most popular and contemporary laminate designs that you have heard of in recent times. It proves to be ideal for a living room in terms of providing a calming and soothing effect that lets you stay there for a longer duration. Apart from the relaxing ambience it generates, this versatile colour can go with any furniture, making the place look opulent and unique.

  • Light Grey

Another lucida laminate product distinct from the one stated below is the light grey design for your living area. This colour is a wild composition that gives a minimalistic look to your space. Additionally, it makes the living corner look larger than it is by the magic of lighter hues. This neutral design is a versatile shade for your living room that can be experimented with a slew of furniture and sofa designs.

  • White-washed Oak

This is another great choice of design for a modern living space. The reason is that it juxtaposes contemporaneity with vintage vibes. Moreover, it gives the space a distinctive feeling of airiness. If you want a rustic tone for your living room, the white-washed oak design will be an excellent choice for that. It gives an impeccable whitewash finish that will blow your mind. Apply this vintage design to your living area and embrace the air of nostalgia.

  • Vintage wood

This laminated wood arouses curiosity in its readers just because of the word ‘vintage’ in it. A particularly less familiar lucida laminate design, it is perfect to give that olden times rustic look to your furniture in the living area. You can also do your panels and flooring using this unique laminate design. It looks similar to barnwood in appearance, although it is not the solid wood used in barns. However, the richness with which it is composed and the layer that is visible can beat even an original piece of weathered barnwood. The vintage laminate features a pattern of wood grains and provides a warm atmosphere for the members of a house.

  • Smoky mountain

This laminate screams luxury in its entirety. Further, it gives a smoky finish to the living room. The smoky mountain design is perfect for anyone who swears by luxe products for their home.

In conclusion, laminates are a perfect addition to make your living room a resplendent and inviting area to accommodate all. So, wait no further. Connect with a premium laminate manufacturer like CenturyLaminates to purchase quality Lucida laminates for your modern residence.



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