BWP Plywood: The Secret to a Hassle-Free and Waterproof Home Renovation

As everyone already knows, plywood sheets are an important component for constructing or decorating your house. It adds luxury to your home, allowing you to give your home a personal touch. However, it has certain disadvantages, such as wood being prone to water and the damage caused by it.

Due to its versatility, excellent and shiny finish, beautiful appearance, and flexibility, plywood sheets are used to create furniture and interiors of your home. Moreover, they are much more flexible than wood and offer benefits to homeowners. CenturyPly is one of the leading manufacturers of plywood sheets across India. The plywood sheets manufactured by CenturyPly are given special care, and this makes them premium-quality plywood sheets.

As said above, ply sheets are prone to water and the damage caused by it. This problem is solved by Boiling Water Proof plywood sheets. Let us know more about BWP ply sheets in the article.

Features of Sainik 710 Plywood

Sainik 710 Plywood is also known as BWP plywood and is the best grade of plywood. It provides more strength in comparison to other plywood sheets. Moreover, they are water-resistant, have good density, and have nail-holding capacity. All these things make BWP plywood a good product to invest in. Tropical hardwood is used for this plywood. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features of BWP plywood sheets.

   1. Uniform Thickness

All Sainik 710 Plywoods of CenturyPly are manufactured with a uniform thickness as this provides more strength. It is also ensured through strict quality checks that there are minimal gaps in the sheets, as these gaps allow the glue to settle. After the glue is settled, the sheets perform better.

   2. Protection of Innovative Glue Line

According to CenturyPly, innovation is the key to success. This is why CenturyPly has introduced Glue Line Protection technology. This technology makes ply sheets borer and termite proof making it a perfect choice for your house.

   3. Improved SSR to reinforce Strength

The BWR-grade plywood sheets by CenturyPly are manufactured with Strength and Shape Retention (SSR). This ensures that the plywood sheets have a higher loading capacity.

Applications of BWP Plywood

BWP plywood sheets can be used for different varieties of furniture, especially in areas that are exposed to moisture. Let’s take a look at some of the applications of BWP plywood.

  1. Waterproof ply  sheets are considered a great choice for dark projects. Because of their strength and resistance to moisture, water, and humidity, these ply sheets are a perfect choice for wet areas such as kitchens and washrooms. Moreover, it can also survive rotting and rapping for a long period with a little maintenance.
  2. As already stated above, the kitchen and washroom are the areas that remain wet approximately all the time. Using waterproof ply sheets in such areas reduces the risk of wrapping and rotting, especially when the plywood is exposed for a long time.
  3. Waterproof Affordable Plywood sheets seem to be an alternative for building boats. Apart from being water-resistant, it also offers resistance to possible damages and risks that are caused by the flow of water.

So, these were some of the uses of ply sheets. There are various other uses for waterproof ply  sheets due to their strength, durability, and being carpenter-friendly.

Benefits Offered by BWP Ply  Sheets to Homeowners

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits offered by BWP ply  sheets which makes them a perfect choice for your home.

  1. It is strong, durable, and does not deteriorate for a long time.
  2. These sheets are flexible, ensuring easy moldability without sacrificing their qualities.
  3. The Sainik 710 Plywood can be put in boiling water for 72 hours, and it will not lose its power.
  4. They are resistant to termites and borers.

In a Nutshell

These are one of the finest qualities of plywood that will make your home luxurious. CenturyPly offers a wide range of BWP ply sheets to homeowners. Go to the official website of CenturyPly to know more!


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