Tips for positive assertiveness

What is assertiveness? Being able to effectively express what you want or need while still respecting the needs of others is what it means to be assertive. An interpersonal skill is a behaviour you can employ to interact and communicate with others effectively. Being assertive is a direct, non-confrontational communication approach. The midway ground between […]

How to Deal with a breakupĀ 

Everyone’s emotional and physical reaction to a breakup is unique. There is less emotional suffering when a breakup is mutual. On the other hand, experiencing a breakup firsthand can be incredibly devastating. Breakups can be particularly difficult for those in recovery because the stress can lead to a relapse into drug use. It’s easier to […]

Child abuse and Counselling

Child abuse is a serious problem and our society is plagued by it. Child abuse is not only physical, but can be emotional. And even when the person responsible for the child’s care ignores or mistreats the child. Child abuse is not the only sign of maltreatment. Consult Dr. R.K.Suri, the best clinical psychologist in […]


A neurological illness known as sensory processing disorder (SPD) affects the brain’s capacity to process and respond to information from the senses. A kid with SPD has trouble processing and responding to the sensory information he or she receives from sounds, visuals, movement, touch, smell, and taste. Eight major categories serve as the standard divisions […]

To stay healthy, yoga should be practiced regularly

Yoga alludes to a few of the most widely recognized types of yoga. It’s considerably more than simply a fundamental workout daily practice. Different supplements additionally add to mental and actual collaborations. It likewise lessens pressure and works on the resistant framework. There are many kinds of good yoga to browse with regards to the […]


Legend: “If you procure hypertension, it’s basically impossible to get around it.” Years earlier, this declaration was taken as a reality by people. In any case, conditions are unique, securing some more care around this condition. While it is practically hard to prevent gaining hypertension, you can direct it and divert its prosperity possibilities. Notwithstanding, […]