Cruelty Free Cosmetic And Its Popularity

Most of the cosmetic products are made from animals.Cruelty free cosmetics are very popular these days. We all are in the era where most of the products are made either with the killing of the animals for its ingredients or testing of animals where the products are tested upon and which is not illegal but using animal products on skin may lead to other harmful problems.

So to avoid such products Cruelty free products are being introduced.

But before we even learn about the Cruelty free cosmetic we need to know what cruelty free means?


It refers to a finished product that was made entirely without endangering or killing any animals.The cruel practices of testing ingredients or completed goods on living animals to determine a product’s safety causing any harm. If you want to know if a product is cruelty free then you need to look for these logos on the packaging of the product.

What are cruelty free cosmetics?

A cruelty free cosmetics are the products that have been developed without being tested on animals at any stage of production. But it can be derived from animals or animal products. When a brand labels the products as cruelty free or not tested on animals or if you see the leaping bunny logo which is intentionally recognised logo means the product is cruelty free. There is a large variety of brands to choose from as Lush After Christmas Sales are approaching. You can enjoy different brand in discounted price.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Are Vegan?

A vegan product doesn’t have any components obtained from animals or from its derivatives.

This includes, but is not limited to, gelatin, lanolin, albumen, carmine, collagen, honey, beeswax, and many other substances. The term “vegan” is often used to refer to products that have not been subjected to animal experimentation. It is frequently used to merely mention that a product doesn’t include animal substances because the word is unregulated. Animal testing allows products to advertise as vegan. This is a crucial distinction to make because not all vegan products are cruelty-free.

How to identify if the product is Cruelty free?

1. Looking for the logo such as the leaping bunny on the packaging of the product is the easiest way to identify the cruelty free product.

2. Review the brand website to understand the certification of the cruelty free product.

Cruelty Free Logos:

Why cruelty free cosmetic products?

3. It’s safer to use cruelty free products with no chemical components or ingredients.

1. It is affordable.

2. To save the planet for good.

3. It is non toxic and is a natural product

4. It is inhumane to test on animals, which is not really necessary.

5. Testing of animals is Banned by law.

Lets us learn about some of the beauty brand that are cruelty free products:

Milk Makeup:

This is a brand from New York that believes in cruelty free products, as these products are not only vegan but also paraben free. If you shop through Safora official sites 15% of the product goes to animal charities. The company claims that it is cruelty free, there has been no testing of products on animals and they neither sell and supply their product to the third party nor they sell their product where animal testing is required by law.

Hydro Grip Hydrating makeup Primer:

It is an award winning makeup primer product with 94% natural get formula with no paraben and silicone which gives an invisible makeup look with natural matte finish. This oil free product is used for all skin types and tones. It grips makeup up to 12 hours and locks hydration

The Body Shop:

It is a British cosmetic company founded by Anita Roddick in 1976, which is a cruelty free cosmetic, skin care and perfume company.

The Body shop has joined hands with Dove and about 100 other organizations with 100% vegan body butter. When shopped on the sephora website it donates 15% to the different animal charities. This brand has worked for animal rights since 1989.

Body Butters and Body Lotions:

With our 100% vegan body butters, you can now hydrate and nurture your skin like never before.Our body moisturizer, which is composed of 95% natural ingredients and handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, leaves skin feeling softer, smoother, and intensely nourished with 96-hour moisture. You even get a glow that looks natural.Our creamy Body Butter comes in recyclable packaging* made with an aluminum lid and 100% recycled plastic tubs.


Despite being well-known now, Lush started out as a mail-order cosmetics business that offered bath bombs and shampoo bars. The founders of Lush made the decision to attempt something fresh after the mail order business failed.Thirty years later, the brand checks to make sure they haven’t deviated from a set of principles the business adheres to when developing its products. In developing effective goods from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and safe synthetics is the guiding principle.

Bath bombs:

These are handmade, cruelty free and effective products, made up of essential oils. They are completely vegetarian and completely devoid of packaging. When you choose Lush goods, you can shop with confidence knowing that no animal testing will ever be supported.

We never buy ingredients from vendors who conduct animal testing, and we never conduct testing on animals on our goods.A special aromatherapy experience can be had in your tub thanks to the pure essential oils that go into each handmade bath bomb.

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