Here are the Top 5 HR Courses in Dubai

An essential aspect of every organization is Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management is something that companies heavily rely on to efficiently attract and retain personnel, grow and escalate the business, and also maintain a healthy, acceptable workplace culture and environment.

But the question arises what actually do the HR Courses in Dubai demonstrate?

Well, it demonstrates that one has gone above and beyond their degree to keep up with market trends. It will demonstrate your dedication, abilities, and competencies in this domain.

Hence, we recommend some top HR Courses in Dubai provided by reputed Dubai Training Centers to professionals who want to uplift their abilities in this domain’s most challenging areas:

(1) Certified Human Resource Professional(CHRP): The Certified Human Resource Professional is a globally-recognized certificate and is one of the top HR Courses in Dubai that helps professionals improve their overall human resources proficiency, and thereby advance in their careers.

Once you pursue this certification course from any good Dubai Training Centers, you get to learn the key HR skills and also get a thorough grasp of HR activities in a wide variety of industries, and that includes health and safety, UAE labor regulations, and business immigration.

This certification course will familiarize you with the evolution of human resources and also provide a clear understanding of the human resource management role and function within the key areas of reward, development, resourcing, and relations.

With this training, you can enhance your HR competency, which is pretty essential to meet the 21st-century requirements of the corporate HR department across the globe.

(2) Certified Human Resources Manager(CHRM): Good Dubai Training Centers offer the CHRM certification, which is specifically designed to identify HR Professionals with a high degree of expertise in human resource management.

This course is specifically designed for human resource professionals or practitioners in the middle/senior management level who want to improve their human resource management abilities and thus effectively perform HR activities.

What’s more? In order to meet the demanding needs of skilled HR experts, this course is structured with a blend of case studies, practice, theory, etc, thereby preparing aspiring human resources professionals to attain the CHRM certification and thus uplift their professional value.

(3) Human Resource Information System(HRIS): This is one of the top HR Courses in Dubai where HR and IT are combined together. A variety of typical tasks is streamlined and automated and that is something that aids a company’s day-to-day human resource operations.

It is the HRIS system that collects and stores information about all the employees working in the organization.

This training will help you update your professional experience with the current trends by strengthening your technical knowledge of HRIS software. Through this course, you can enhance your analytical skills to improve the functions of HR practices through this course.

On successful completion of this course, you can successfully handle the Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS), benefits, payroll, training, performance management, time and attendance, employee self-service, and so on.

(4) Associate Professional in Human Resources- International(aPHRi): This is a globally-recognized, knowledge-based credential.

This is another most sought-after HR Courses in Dubai that provides in-depth knowledge of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles.

You can pursue this course from any good Dubai Training Centres where you can benefit from detailed training and expertise in HR domains so that the candidates are well prepared and they can confidently appear for the aPHRi exam.

This course is best suited for those who have successfully proven their core understanding of human resources and will be just commencing their HR career.

This certification will surely give you the confidence to enter the HR field and is ideal for advancing in one’s career.

(5) Professional in Human Resources- International(PHRi): This PHRi was previously known as Human Resource Business Professional(HRBP), and is specifically designed for HR professionals whose day-to-day responsibilities include HR operations like recruiting, benefits, compensation, and administration.

Irrespective of the geographic area, this PHRi test focuses on the operational and technical components of HR practices.

With this PHRi course, offered by top Dubai Training Centres , you can get a deeper knowledge of HR policies, company proceedings, hiring protocols, and compliance.

If you have expertise in program execution, HR practices, and human resources organizational structure, then you should definitely earn this PHRi certification which is rated as one of the top HR Courses in Dubai and also has worldwide recognition.

Final Take

All these HR Courses in Dubai mentioned above are very popular among professionals as needless to say, human resources management is a massive domain that circumscribes important aspects like training and development,

recruitment, job reviews, career planning and development, appraisals, employee safety, employee benefits, employee motivation and much more.

Get yourself certified with any of the aforementioned courses from reputed Dubai Training Centres and thereby catch the eye of recruiters while also increasing your chance of getting placed in a big organization.

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