How to Set Up Your Laundry Room? Complete Guide

If you read this blog, you will never feel that organisation in the laundry room is difficult. There are various shapes and sizes of laundry rooms and add-on like washline pulley, clothes airer ceiling that you might expect. Moreover, in certain compact apartments, the kitchen has a stacked unit. Some people sit in the basement or the hallway. Then there are the stunning, spacious rooms that are solely used for washing and folding laundry. Generally, every laundry room faces unique challenges.

In this article, you will learn some tricks that will increase your space and make washing laundry more enjoyable. So it is recommended to read this article properly.

Tips to Setup your Laundry Room

1. Vertical Storage

You can see the vertical space in your laundry room that you may use for storage. Furthermore, store some of these things in a vertical organiser that you can hang from the ceiling.

These things are laundry sheets, rollers for lint, coins and other small object storage containers for laundry room finds. Additionally, packets of single-use detergent remove stains, and machine cleaners for washing.

2. Front of Door

Next, consider organising the laundry room by leveraging the door’s back. It’s an excellent approach to keep some of the things from above. It is up to you either, install a hanging organiser on the door or decorate it with a pegboard and storage baskets.

3. Laundry Room Cabinets

This is a fantastic technique to build storage that looks lovely. Especially, if you have enough space to add some cabinets. The cabinets can be organised, and the doors add a polished and finished appearance.

You will get numerous cabinet choices.

Box sets are available from retailers like Ironmongery world. Alternatively, you may buy a special cabinet or perhaps make one yourself.

4. Baskets and Shelves

Shelves and baskets are yet another simple solution for organising and storing laundry room items. Space for laundry detergent and all of your cleaning supplies can be easily created by installing shelves above your appliances.

5. A Portable Rolling Cart

When you don’t have much space but need a little more storage, rolling carts are ideal options. Utilise your rolling cart twice as much by storing additional cleaning supplies like carpet and floor cleaners.

6. Baskets on a Pegboard

A pegboard mounted on the wall can hold baskets and be used to hang items. These items are like scrub brushes and lint rollers in really tight places.

This can also use calendars and plastic containers with handles fastened using the hooks. Whenever you need to store a range of items, a pegboard is a useful storage option.

7. Make Use of Wasted Space Finally, Take a Look at all the unused Space

Before going ahead ask a question from yourself, do you have more room close to the ceiling? For this, hang a few shelves. Another one, do the machines and the wall have any empty space between them?

It is suggested to create a unique shelf.

Some of the best locations to keep your possessions might be found in unused spaces. Moreover, what in your laundry room gives you the most trouble? Now, you know the most typical storage problems for the laundry room are listed here, with solutions.

8. Keeping Dust Off of It

Dust and lint in the laundry area are the first issues that many people encounter. There are several solutions to this but make sure you will implement them all properly. Always clean the lint trap regularly. You need to use a garbage bin with a cover to contain used lint. Also, make sure the exhaust vent is not loose by inspecting it.

9. No Place to Keep Supplies

It is suggested to try one of these solutions if your laundry supplies are out of control. Moreover, you’re struggling to keep them all organised. Just keep what you need, the fewer things you keep.

This is important because the less space you will need to store them.

You need to Invest in multi-purpose products to conserve storage space. In this way, you can discover a product that serves two purposes.

Adding more shelves increases the number of surfaces you have available for boxes and storage bins. Put your washer and dryer in a stack to make room for additional cupboards and shelving. In addition to this, the front-loading types do this function the best.

10. Where to Store Laundry Baskets

A major issue is laundry baskets, particularly if you have a unit in your hallway or a closet. Consider putting in a shelf unit with railings so you can stack laundry baskets if you have a whole laundry room.

There is another option to install a countertop or wood surface above your machines if you don’t have a whole room. Particularly, while they are empty, you can stack the washing basket on top.

11. Insufficient Folding Space

The lack of space for folding and sorting clean clothing is one of the most frequent complaints regarding laundry facilities.

It isn’t much you can do if your equipment is kept in a hallway or closet.

But in case, if you have a little more room, put some form of the countertop. You can install a folding table with a wall storage option.

12. Continues to get Organised

After implementing the above tips you should continue to organise your laundry room. In this way, your untidy laundry room can only be fixed by attempting to understand. For this create a routine, purge your space of clutter, and replace outdated storage solutions.

What Next?

Before going ahead, let’s examine all the different types of laundry rooms. Your laundry room will seem different depending on whether you live in an apartment or a recently renovated house. It is obvious, each sort of space has its advantages and disadvantages. You should consider the other regions as well as your type of laundry area. Perhaps you can improve your space to make it more useful for your available space.

This typical arrangement is to have a washer and dryer in the corridor. You may find this quite useful since it is very simple to simply stroll by, and throw the clothing in the dryer. But, the main drawback is that it restricts where you can put laundry baskets or hampers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the laundry room is generally overlooked but now you know the importance of this room. It is actually, depending on your laundry and what else you are storing there, this layout could be fantastic. A foldable table, washline pulley, counters, clothes airer ceiling and more shelving can all be placed. This is because some laundry has plenty of space.

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