Placement after masters in italy for students in 2022

In addition to being a beautiful country, Italy is home to some of the world’s best student cities, providing opportunities for foreign students to obtain invaluable life experience. In the end, they make an effort to remain there for some more time in order to obtain job experience as well. However, in order to continue living in the nation, you will need to get a master’s or doctoral degree. There is no consideration given to the qualifying requirements for the Stay back option in Italy following graduation from a bachelor’s degree programme.

Why choose to work in Italy?

In Italy, the only people who are eligible for stay back choices are those who have finished either a level 2 master’s programme or a PhD programme in Italy. The permission to reside in Italy following completion of a master’s programme is referred to as “Permesso di Soggiorno,” which directly translates to “Residence Permit.” It is possible to remain back in the country for up to six to twelve months depending on the programme and the institution. If a student is unable to get employment within that time frame, they are required to return to their home country and look for work there. Therefore, foreign students may only return to Italy when they have completed their master’s or doctoral degrees. The country offers one of the best courses for marketing it is equal to pursuing Msc in marketing in Germany.

Obtaining a Work Permit in Italy

1. For EU students

Students from the European Union will be needed to get a residence permit, but they won’t need a special work visa in order to find job in Italy when they graduate. As long as they maintain their employment in Italy, they are eligible to have their residence visa extended.

2. Students from outside the EU

After finishing their studies in Italy, non-EU students are required to get a work permit in addition to a student residence permit. The following are the key points that need your attention:

● After the completion of the programme, the temporary residence visa will only be available to students who are pursuing a PhD or a second Master’s degree. You can also apply for Masters in Engineering management in Germany and get the best job opportunities.

● After their extension time expires in six to twelve months, it is essential for them to have a job lined up. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply for internships that may last up to a year.

● Students from outside the EU will need to apply for a “permesso di Lavoro” in order to be eligible for a work permit after completing their studies in Italy.

● Depending on your academic background and the level of expertise you have, the typical compensation in Italy might be anywhere around 1,300 Euros for a period of 14 months. It is always in your best interest to have a fundamental grasp of the English and Italian languages.

Eligibility requirements for international postgraduate placements

The following are the factors that are used to choose scholars:

● Students from any and all nations throughout the world are welcome to submit an application.

● This opportunity is open to students enrolled in the master’s degree programme that is provided by the Sapienza University of Rome.

● Candidates are required to have completed their studies at La Sapienza.

● They must be less than 28 years old at the time when the call for applications is made.

● They are required to acquire a letter of formal acceptance and invitation as well as a statement of availability to admission from a foreign institution that is hosting them or from a foreign supervisor. All of these documents are to be written on paper that is headed and certified.

● The students are required to have completed 12 years of schooling and have a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate area of study, which takes 3 years to complete.

● Students are needed to submit their IELTS and TOEFL exam results, which demonstrate that they have strong hearing, reading, and writing abilities in the English language. It is required that a level no lower than B2 be reached.

Final Thoughts

Because there are not enough opportunities in Italy, many Italian college graduates have been forced to leave the nation in search of employment in other countries. As a result of your foreign upbringing and the fact that you are proficient in both English and Italian, you may have an edge over other candidates due to the fact that you come from a more diverse cultural background.

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