Realistic Landscape Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids You may learn how to sketch a landscape with this step-by-step tutorial. A landscape is a visual representation of the outdoors. Natural things can vary greatly. You can notice a hilly setting in this illustration. Three mountain summits are depicted. There is a body of water at the base of the mountains. It appears to be extremely lovely.

Such a mountainous terrain is simple to create when you have a step-by-step tutorial. For future drawings of such natural objects, remember the drawing techniques. You are allowed to draw free-form lines throughout this lesson. You could, for instance, design clouds or mountains with any shape you like.

Simple Landscape Drawing For Kids

Thus, you get the ability to sketch a landscape and create a landscape for both novices and children. To understand how to draw a landscape and teach youngsters how to produce simple landscape drawings, you must follow this tutorial’s instructions and watch the accompanying video.

So get everything you need for drawing ready before you start. I must demonstrate how to draw a landscape in this tutorial. In a sense, this landscape drawing video lesson is a component of the pencil sketch tutorial and shows how to draw a landscape quickly. I confirm how to sketch a landscape in this video tutorial on drawing, which is simple enough for children to follow.


  • Pencil, Paper, Eraser, and Coloring Materials.
  • Needed time: 20 minutes.

Drawing a Landscape

  • Make a note of where the mountains are.
  • You only need to remove one horizontal line that is perfectly straight for this step to be easy.
  • Sketch the initial peak.
  • Draw a sweeping, curving line representing the first mountain on the left.
  • Of the next mountain, please.
  • Draw a long, curved line representing the second mountain on the right-hand side.
  • On the third mountain, draw.
  • Draw a curved line in between the two previously depicted mountains.
  • Straightforward, step-by-step landscape drawing instructions
  • Show the sun.
  • Draw a semicircle to depict the sun between the two mountain summits.
  • Drawing clouds.
  • Draw freeform wavy lines above the mountain peaks.
  • Think of the mountain peaks’ interior contours.
    Draw curved, wavy lines at the summits of each mountain to finish this phase.
  • A guide to drawing landscapes
  • Draw a picture of the water’s surface.
  • Outline many varying lengths of horizontal, straight lines at the bottom of the drawing.
  • Color the illustration.
  • Color the mountains various hues of green, the sun yellow, the river blue, and green clouds.

The scenery is prepared! I hope you completed each stage successfully and that you approve of the end outcome. You can practise more by drawing any mountainous terrain; for instance, try practising the lesson in which I demonstrated how to draw a cave or mountains. For your convenience, I created a PDF file with a condensed version of the lecture. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, download this file and use it whenever you want to review this lesson.


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