Reasonably Priced Heavy Machinery: Hyundai & Tata Hitachi Excavators

The Indian infra industry has been exponentially contributing to the GDP for a few decades now. As a result, the industry has created several new job opportunities nationwide. Now, one industry catalyzing the infra growth is the heavy-duty sector.

Rightly so, brands like Tata Hitachi & Hyundai are best known for manufacturing best-in-class heavy machinery. For example, they produce a wide range of equipment, including excavators, backhoe loaders, compactors, etc.

Their machines surpass major work output expectations. Above all, the equipment from these brands are easy to operate and reasonably priced.

Top 2 Excavator Models from Hyundai & Tata Hitachi


This excavator comes with 21200 kg of operating weight. Such a massive weighing capacity henceforth delivers immense work output at construction & mining sites. Additionally, this model equips a high-performing engine, producing up to 140 HP.

Further spectacular is 6220 mm of dig depth capacity, facilitating quarrying, excavation, and digging for building the foundation. Besides, the bucket capacity of 0.92 cum helps carry heavy bulk at once. Above all, the Hyundai 210 excavator price in India is quite reasonable in India.

Tata Hitachi EX 210LC

Soon after its launch, this machine became one of the best-selling excavator models. Rightly so, the 20600 kg of operating weight increases work output by significant numbers. Additionally, the powerful engine of this equipment produces up to 131 HP. This particular feature upscales work efficiency.

Moreover, the machine can dig as deep as 6600 mm into the ground, facilitating excavation tasks in mining & construction. Besides, the 1.5 cum bucket capacity further enlivens productivity while reducing downtime. More importantly, the Tata Hitachi 210 price in India starts from Rs. 34-36 Lakh.

Therefore, all these spectacular features make both these excavators the top 2 high-performing models. So, have you decided to purchase any of these equipment? If yes, then InfraJunction is the right platform for you.

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