The Ultimate Hack For Waterproofing Your Home: Sainik 710 Waterproof Plywood!

Maintaining a home’s integrity involves various aspects, and waterproofing is one of the most crucial among them. Waterproofing can be challenging, particularly when traditional building materials like cement, bricks and regular plywood have limitations in this regard. Water damage can cause severe harm to a home’s structure and even pose health risks. To protect their homes from such damage, homeowners must invest in high-quality building materials that can withstand water damage. SAINIK 710 Waterproof plywood is the ultimate solution for waterproofing your home. Let’s find out why SAINIK 710 is the best option for waterproofing your home.

SAINIK 710’s Superior Strength and Durability

SAINIK 710 is an excellent choice for waterproofing your home due to its exceptional strength and durability. Unlike regular plywood, SAINIK 710 is resistant to bending and can endure heavy objects, wear and tear, and extreme weather conditions. This makes it perfect for use in flooring, walls, and ceilings, especially in areas susceptible to moisture and water damage.

Using SAINIK 710 ensures that your building materials have a longer lifespan compared to other traditional materials, which makes it a cost-effective solution for homeowners. By investing in high-quality plywood that can withstand water damage and other challenges, homeowners can save money in the long run by not having to replace damaged building materials frequently. With a price of Rs 107/sq ft (₹929 Approx incl. Of GST) , SAINIK 710 offers an affordable solution for waterproofing homes without compromising quality.

Borer and Termite-Proof

SAINIK 710 offers homeowners the added benefit of protection against borers and termites when used for waterproofing. The special glue line protection in this material guarantees that the living spaces are free from pests and hygienic. Borers and termites can cause severe damage to homes, which can result in significant repair expenses. SAINIK 710 provides a cost-effective solution, ensuring the longevity of the home and saving homeowners money.

In areas with high humidity levels that are more susceptible to insect infestations, SAINIK 710’s borer and termite-proof qualities make it an ideal choice. The use of SAINIK 710 for waterproofing ensures that the interiors of the house remain safe, hygienic, and structurally sound.

Boiling Water Proof Test

SAINIK 710 plywood is an excellent choice for homeowners who seek reliable waterproofing that won’t disappoint them. It is the only genuine waterproof plywood that can endure the Boiling Water Proof test for 72 hours without falling apart. During the test, the plywood is immersed in water and boiled for 72 hours to ensure it is genuinely waterproof and can resist water damage.

Compared to other standard building materials like cement, bricks, and regular plywood, SAINIK 710 is a superior option due to its ability to pass the Boiling Water Proof test. Hence, it is an ideal option for use in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

One India One Price Guarantee

SAINIK 710 waterproof plywood offers a unique feature called the One India One Price Guarantee, which maintains a consistent price for the product, regardless of where it is ordered in the country. This feature allows homeowners to invest in top-quality waterproof plywood without worrying about price fluctuations, making it an affordable solution for waterproofing homes.

The One India One Price Guarantee is particularly useful for homeowners residing in regions where conventional building materials such as bricks and cement are scarce or too expensive. By purchasing sainik plywood from any part of the country, homeowners are guaranteed to pay the same price as those ordering it from different regions in India.

In addition, the One India One Price Guarantee fosters equitable pricing practices across the nation, preventing price discrimination and ensuring that homeowners receive the best value for their money. This is particularly crucial in a diverse country like India, where living costs and the availability of building materials can significantly vary.



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