What is the PM Uday Scheme?


Homeowners in unrecognized colonies in Delhi may seek for ownership rights via the DDA PM-Uday Yojana, a programme created by the government of India. There is a PM-Uday registration system up and running for the recording of all apartments and homes in illegal settlements. PM Uday reports that in order to receive registry paperwork, one must go through the PM-Uday registration procedure and pay a little cost. pm uday scheme


Reportedly, under PM Uday awas adhikar yojana, over 40 lakhs of individuals living in illegal colonies in Delhi would be able to legally own the homes or apartments where they now reside. The equity in one’s home, whether a condo or a house, may also be used to secure a loan. Check the PM-Uday unapproved colony list and get familiar with the DDA-PM Uday Scheme before submitting an application for the PM-Uday Scheme. Get in touch with the PM Uday support team by dialing the PM-Uday customer care number if you have any questions about the PM-Uday unauthorized colony registration procedure or run into any problems while attempting to log in.


Who or what is PM Uday Scheme?

Awas Adhikar Yojana (PM Uday Scheme) refers to the Prime Minister’s Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi. The law was approved by Parliament’s Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in order to help with colony restrictions and the transition of property ownership to jittery locals. The Prime Minister’s Awas Adhikaar Yojana would help thousands of families live with respect and honour.


If you’re a resident of an illegal enclave in Delhi, you’ve probably given some thought to how you may legally claim ownership of the apartment or house in which you now reside. The DDA PM-Uday Yojana has been designed specifically to help you. Delhi’s unofficial colonists may now legally own their homes thanks to the PM-Uday plan. To facilitate the process of registering properties and submitting applications for legal title to land in unrecognized areas, a central online hub has been established.


The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is working quickly to execute the PM-Uday Delhi project. If you want more information on the PM-Uday programme, you may call the PM Uday support team at their toll-free number. People may also reach out to us through our toll-free help line, where we will gladly answer any questions they may have concerning the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana. Let’s go through everything you need to know to apply for your PM-Uday registration online, from the procedure to the paperwork you’ll need.


To Accompany Your Application, Please Provide the Following


House and apartment ownership rights may be obtained by completing the PM-Uday registration online and submitting the required paperwork. The following forms are necessary to apply for the DDA PM-Uday Yojana:


Paying for Title and Possession Sign Sales Contract Document.

Proof of current ownership, current GPA electric bill, current property tax deed, and current property tax mutation

Documentary evidence of building that began prior to January 1, 2015, and which has been compiled in a chronologically preceding chain of documents. (With respect to real estate in urban areas)


Almost Any Other Proof of Ownership


You may instantly sign up for PM-Uday if you have these papers. Contact the PM Uday support desk by dialling the PM Uday hotline number if you have any questions about the PM Uday unlawful colony registration process. Any questions you have about signing up will be answered by the specialists on hand. If you are having trouble getting in touch with the PM Uday support team, please dial our support line. Every hour of every day, we are here to answer your questions and provide you with information on the PM-Uday programme.


The PM-Uday Signup Procedure


Applying for PM-Uday Yojana online requires first registering for PM-Uday. To enrol in the DDA PM-Uday plan, please go to the official website. Call the PM Uday DDA hotline if you have any issues with your application for the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana.


There, a team of professionals is waiting to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. The professionals at the official PM Uday help desk are usually available whenever you need them, however there may be instances when it’s difficult to get in touch with them owing to the volume of calls. For assistance with PM Uday online registration, please contact our support team at the number provided. Let’s talk about how to sign up for PM-Uday online now.


First, you’ll need to register as a user by giving us some basic information about yourself and the property you own.


If you want to sign up for PM-Uday, you may do so at this link.

Please take the time to fill out the application form completely before sending it in.

After a successful registration, you will get an acknowledged receipt with your PM uday registration number. Take a printout or jot it down. PM-Uday has a customer service hotline you may call if you run into any problems.

Filling Out Forms On The Internet:


After signing up, go on over to PM-Uday and finish the application procedure there.


Log in here, or on the site, by clicking “File Application.”

Simply input your phone number and click the “Send OTP” button now. Your phone will beep and display a code; input that code here, followed by the captcha code. In order to proceed, please log in now. Please double-check your phone number and try again if you did not get the OTP, or call the PM Uday support line.

We’re sending you to PM Uday’s signup form. Contact PM-Uday at their customer service hotline if you have any problems.


There is a link in the right-hand top corner of the page that will take you to information about the agency that has been approved to install your geo-coordinates.


Contact the company now and ask them to put the coordinates up for you.

When representatives from the agency pay you a visit, they’ll take measurements of your property and then enter those coordinates into the Digital Design and Construction Act (DDA) database. If you’re having trouble uploading, you may get in touch with PM Uday gis phone for immediate assistance.


The GIS agency will then send your unique “GIS ID” to the phone number and email address you provided during registration. On the PM-Uday Delhi application, you’ll need to provide your GIS ID. If you have any questions about the GIS ID or where to find it, please contact PM Uday at his gis number.


Please make sure the following details are entered accurately on the application:


Information about the Landlord

Information About the Premises

Information about the land that this application is for the floor(s) of.

Additional Actions:


After you have entered all the data, double-check it again for accuracy. Check the information you have entered by clicking the “Preview Draft” button now. If everything checks out, you may send in your application by scanning your signature and clicking a box to agree to the declaration terms.


Before you can send in your application for approval, you’ll need to re-enter the verification OTP you were given. Please call the PM Uday support line if you have any trouble obtaining the OTP.

The last step is to print off your application and make a note of your PM Uday registration number.


The procedure is finished at this point. Don’t bother phoning PM Uday’s hotline number if you want to avoid this hassle; instead, rely on our services. If filling out the PM Uday illegal colony registration form is stressing you out, our expert staff is here for you around-the-clock. Let us take care of business on your behalf and you won’t have to lift a finger.


The Goals We Have Set for Ourselves


The majority of Delhi’s squatters in illegal colonies are clueless when it comes to securing legal title to their dwellings. If you are having trouble completing the online application, we are available to assist you. Let’s say you’re one of the many people in Delhi who aren’t sure how to apply for PM-Uday Delhi awas adhikar yojana property ownership rights. In such situation, you may either phone the


PM Uday DDA hotline number to speak with a representative or give us a call for assistance. If you have any questions or concerns about the registration of your PM-Uday unofficial colony, our staff is here around the clock to assist you. If your home is located in an illegal colony, as reported by PM Uday news, you may be eligible to petition for ownership of your apartment or house via the DDA PM-Uday yojana.

Our main goal is to facilitate the acquisition of legal title to homes and apartments by all those who now reside in illegal Delhi colonies. If they provide us with the paperwork needed to enrol in the DDA PM-Uday yojana, we will handle the registration process for them. We’ll do all in our power to make the transfer of ownership rights to our clients as quick and painless as possible. Just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts at the moment? Make sure you’re the official owner of your property by getting in touch with us.


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